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A Vast And Gracious Tide by Lisa Carter

Always Come Home

A Vast And Gracious Tide by Lisa Carter is a Christian contemporary romantic suspense. It will have the reader enthralled from the start.

The novel is about loss and survivor’s guilt. Our veterans went to war for us but on returning, a part of them is always left behind, wondering ‘what if?’ Bonds are formed with men and dogs in their units. It is unthinkable to leave anyone behind. Guilt consumes the survivors. “Guilt, even if undeserved, may be the hardest thing to overcome.”

Loss eats up two of the characters. “Stuck between her life Before and an After she was afraid to embrace.” We must face our past before we can move into our future.

The novel shows the importance of God. God is not a distant God. He is as close to us as we want Him to be. “He… didn’t believe God believed in him.” God believes in each and every one of us.

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