A Vast And Gracious Tide by Lisa Carter

Always Come Home

A Vast And Gracious Tide by Lisa Carter is a Christian contemporary romantic suspense. It will have the reader enthralled from the start.

The novel is about loss and survivor’s guilt. Our veterans went to war for us but on returning, a part of them is always left behind, wondering ‘what if?’ Bonds are formed with men and dogs in their units. It is unthinkable to leave anyone behind. Guilt consumes the survivors. “Guilt, even if undeserved, may be the hardest thing to overcome.”

Loss eats up two of the characters. “Stuck between her life Before and an After she was afraid to embrace.” We must face our past before we can move into our future.

The novel shows the importance of God. God is not a distant God. He is as close to us as we want Him to be. “He… didn’t believe God believed in him.” God believes in each and every one of us.

There are some wonderful unique and realistic characters portrayed. The reader can ‘feel’ the warmth of Lovey and ‘understand’ the protective nature of Walt. The openness and inclusiveness of McKenna was a breath of fresh air as she saw goodness in everyone.

Healing was a major theme. Some have visible scars, others are hidden but we know One who can heal us all.

An air of suspense and intrigue surrounds the novel. As the crimes and body count mounts up, see if you can guess the perpetrator.

Coming home is another theme. Sometimes home is a physical place. more often than not, home is to be found in a person and His Name is Jesus. There was a wonderful analogy with injured sea turtles. “Sometimes when they’re injured, they get lost somewhere along the way. They need our help to make it home.” We are all travelling through life and sometimes we need to come alongside others to help them come home.

A wonderful, entertaining tale with life lessons and godly wisdom for us all.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.







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Title:  A  Vast  and  Gracious  Tide  

Author: Lisa  Carter

Publisher: Gilead

Release  Date:

June  12,  2018  


Inspirational  Romantic  Suspense  

A  wounded  veteran  and  the  police  chief’s  daughter  must  work  together  to  bring  a  killer  to  

justice Caden  Wallis  lost  friends,  his  girlfriend,  and  even  his  leg  to  the  ravages  of  war.  He  arrives  on  the  Outer  Banks  broken  and  still  reeling,  struggling  to  make  peace  with  his  new  life.  McKenna  Dockery  has  been  stuck  in  limbo  since  her  fiancé  died  three  years  ago.  Now,  when  the  handsome  yet  heartbroken  Caden  arrives  at  her  doorstep,  she  starts  to  wonder  if  there  may  be  hope  for  her  heart  after  all  .  .  .  But  no  sooner  do  they  meet  than  a  man  is  found  murdered  on  McKenna’s  property –and  Caden  is  the  prime  suspect.  The  two  must learn  to  trust  each  other, or  no  one  will  be  safe  in  the  tangled  web  of  conspiracy,  greed,  and  deceit  lurking  in  the  tidal  marshlands  of  the  Outer  Banks.

Award-winning  author Lisa  Carter describes  her  Southern  suspense  novels  as  “sweet  tea  with  a  slice  of  murder.” She is  the  bestselling  author  of  seven  romantic  suspense  novels,  four  historical  novellas,  and  a contemporary  Coast  Guard  series.  Lisa  enjoys  traveling  to  romantic  locales  and  researching  her  next  exotic  adventure. A  native  North  Carolinian,  she  has  strong  opinions  on  barbecue  and  ACC  basketball.

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  1. Thank you for your review and the information on “A Vast And Gracious Tide” by Lisa Carter as well as for being part of the book tour.

    The more I read about this book on my TBR list the more I know I will love it.

  2. Thank you for sharing about “A Vast And Gracious Tide” by Lisa Carter. I’m enjoying following the tour.

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