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Innamorta by Autumn Macarthur

Never Too Old

Innamorta by Autumn Macarthur is the most charming Christian romantic novella. It is the tenth book in A Tuscan Legacy series which I adore but it can be read as a stand-alone.

No matter how old you are, you can still dream big. While you still have breath, God’s not finished with you yet. Outside you may look eighty whilst inside you feel eighteen. You are never too old to rekindle a love.

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La Risposta: The Answer by Autumn Macarthur

Full Circle

La Risposta: The Answer by Autumn Macarthur is a wonderful contemporary Christian family novel and a perfect ending to A Tuscan Legacy series. This has been a fabulous series. A collaboration of nine books by different authors, giving individual stories of the characters in an extended family. It has been an absolute delight to read.

The book is warm and welcoming. The mystery running throughout the series is solved. Clues have been peppered throughout all the books. As the family comes together for a wedding so the series has come full circle. It had a familiar feel as I caught up with old friends.

There are themes of truth and lies, faith and forgiveness, foundations and identity – and over it all is the love of God. The novel reminds us to tune into God’s voice and to be obedient. “A stirring very like the voice of God, calling him home. An insistent whisper no longer able to be denied.” We must not ignore God when he speaks.

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