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A Matter Of Trust by Susan May Warren



A Matter Of Trust by Susan May Warren is a delightful contemporary Christian romantic adventure which I loved. It is the third book in the Montana Rescue series but can be read as a stand-alone. I really enjoyed catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones.

PEAK rescue team has the mantra of sticking together and leaving no one behind. They rescue people because it is their job. They do not stop to think if they deserve it. “No one in trouble should be worried as to whether they deserve help.” Likewise God rescues us, not because we deserve it but because it is in His nature and because of grace that covers us all.

This links to the theme of trust. We can trust God and we need to trust others. We cannot go through life in grand isolation. “You have a history with God… once upon a time you trusted Him.” We can trust God in all situations and at all times especially when life is tough. Life may have disappointed us but God never will. “God… I want to believe you are on my side.” God is on our side. The question is, are we on His?

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