Come Rain Or Come Shine by Jan Karon

A New Beginning

Come Rain Or Come Shine by Jan Karon is a positively charming contemporary Christian novel that I loved. It is the thirteenth book in the Mitford Years series but can be read as a stand-alone.

I have read all the previous Mitford books, so this book, for me, was like coming home. I joined all the familiar faces as they prepared for Lace and Dooley’s wedding.

This was a warm and welcoming book as family, friends and community came together to help prepare the wedding. From grass cutting to Esther Bolick’s famous marmalade cake, everyone pitched in. The reader becomes totally immersed in Mitford life for a few hours.

There are new faces to meet – Choo Choo the bull, a new puppy, and my favourite, four year old Jack Tyler who is in need of a home. The reader just knows that what Father Tim did for Dooley, so Dooley will do for Jack Tyler. Jack Tyler is in safe hands.

What wedding ever ran smoothly? Who knew that Choo Choo would like to be a part of proceedings! Vet Dooley, takes it all in his stride.

We see the need for forgiveness. We need to give it, and we need to receive it. We witness characters still too hurt to be able to give forgiveness. We know that they are a work in progress and in God’s hands who is working on their hearts. Others forgive because they have been forgiven.

Come Rain Or Come Shine is a beautiful book full of love, life and laughter.


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