The Tangled Tale Of The Woolgathering Castoffs by Sharon J Mondragon

Love Wins

The Tangled Tale Of The Woolgathering Castoffs by Sharon J Mondragon is the most charming contemporary Christian novel that I loved. It is the second book in the Purls & Prayers series but can be read as a stand-alone.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with characters old and new. A warm welcome is extended to all.

The setting is mainly in an assisted living facility where some residents suffer from dementia. It is hard for spouses and families to see their loved ones slip away bit by bit. Some activities are remembered even if they can no longer remember family.

It is against this backdrop that we meet the woolgathers who knit and crochet prayer shawls in the foyer several times a week. “A shawl made with love and prayer can give comfort and courage to the person who receives it.” Each shawl is prayed over in church too. Shawls are given to those whom God chooses.

The characters press into God. They may ‘hear’ from Him as they knit in public or private. They know the importance of prayer. “It mattered whether she prayed for them or not.” The recipients of the shawls can ‘feel’ the love.

Prayer is so important. Sometimes we need others to pray for us. “Knowing you’re praying makes such a difference.” We do not feel so alone. Sometimes we need others to pray for us. “We can pester God on his behalf.” God longs to be pestered by our prayers.

God knows others far better than we do. “No matter how much we know about someone, God always knows a whole lot more.” We can hand others up to God’s care, trusting His plan for their lives. “They could speculate all they wanted, but God would know what Sam needed. “

Within the living facility, there are many stories. Some people share theirs. For others, it is too painful. Love and care are found within the walls and “this place is alive with hope.”

We witness the love found within marriages. It remains even when one half no longer remembers. “Old love. Tested, tried, and true love … like a love letter that’s been read over and over again.”

Making prayer shawls unites old and young, male and female. All you need is a willing pair of hands.

I absolutely adored this book. Both books in the Purls & Prayers series as totally delightful, heartwarming and full of love – God’s love for His children; and His children’s love for Him and for each other. Overall, we can say, love wins.


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