Love Wins by Lorraine Beard

Love, Care & Family

Love Wins by Lorraine Beard is a powerful Christian historical novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The action is set during World War II in Cardiff and moving to the Forest Of Dean in order to escape the nightly bombing raids and an evil grandfather. We ‘hear’ how he had no morals and gave into evil desires. The subsequent generations are not destined to repeat the sins of the fathers.

We witness another unscrupulous husband and father who had his own wife incarcerated in an asylum.

We see the bravery of sons who stand up to their fathers and who forgive, as Jesus commands.

Faith can get us through the tough seasons. “Lizzie helped him see all the ways Jesus had been alongside him through all the hard times.” As we see faith in action, other characters are attracted to Jesus. It is beautiful to witness lives transformed by knowing Jesus.

Prayer is important. “Taught them how to talk to the Lord and to listen as well.” Prayer is a conversation with God. It is important to listen for answers too.

Life on the farm in the Forest Of Dean opens up lives, offers freedom and the opportunity to learn new skills. The spirit of hospitality is alive and well. No one ever goes hungry when they visit the farm.

People pull together and support each other where they see needs.

Family is important. Family does not have to be made up of blood relations. Family is those who love us. Family opens up hearts and homes.

I thoroughly enjoyed Love Wins. It was not only an excellent story but it had the heart of God running throughout.

I received a free copy via the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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