The Girl Across The Wire Fence by Imogen Matthews


The Girl Across The Wire Fence by Imogen Matthews is a powerful historical novel that is an all-consuming read.

The action is set in Holland towards the end of World War II in the camp at Amersfoort and the surrounding areas.

We witness both the incredible bravery of some and the horrendous cruelty of others. There are those who stand up for what is right and are determined to make a difference. Extraordinary feats of bravery are performed by ordinary people, some as young as sixteen years old. A crust of bread makes a huge difference to those who are starving.

All the characters were well drawn and realistic. We see the action from alternating points of view.

Imogen Matthews has captured the horrors of the camp with her words – from the filth to the punishments to the ‘sport’ – it is truly horrendous. How anyone survived is a miracle.

The Girl Across The Wire Fence is such a powerful read. We must never forget the six million innocents who perished and those who survived.


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