Sons Of Thunder by Stephen Grow


Sons Of Thunder by Stephen Grow is the most marvellous book of cartoons with a Christian theme… and with the added bonus of a wise cat (said the crazy cat lady!)

The cat adds some droll comments which add to the humor of the cartoons. Having lived with cats all my life, I can actually believe that is just what a cat would say!

I found the cartoons absolutely hilarious. The Christian themes may require a prior knowledge of the Bible for some cartoons but not necessarily. (I cannot be sure on this because I have grown up in church so it is all familiar to me). Most of the cartoons would be accessible to a wider audience though.

In England, we had a cartoon character called Andy Capp who appeared in a newspaper –the Sons Of Thunder reminds me of him with their droll sense of humor as they deliver the punch lines with straight faces.

I thought Sons Of Thunder was hilarious. I absolutely loved it. I loved the witty lines and I loved the cat’s comments. This is a book that would brighten anyone’s day. It’s a perfect present for Dad, for Mum, for family, for friends – or why not buy it as a present for yourself? You’ll be glad you did, as you chuckle your way through your day.

I received a free copy from the author A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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