To Sweet Beginnings In Sycamore Hill by Stacey Weeks

Coming Home

To Sweet Beginnings In Sycamore Hill by Stacey Weeks is a most delightful contemporary Christian novella and 0.5 in the Sycamore Hill series which is charming.

The reader is introduced to some of the residents of Sycamore Hill. Everyone has a story. They are all unique and they are all searching for a place to belong – Sycamore Hill could be that place.

The town is positively charming, very warm and welcoming. The reader can feel the presence of God wafting over the town.

God never gives up on us. We can always have a second chance in Him. “A second chance … Priceless.” Heaven rejoices when the prodigal returns home.

People speak words over our lives. Words bring life or death. The tongue can tear down or build up. When we come to Jesus, He gives us a new name. He calls us ‘beloved.’ “I have a new identity. Jesus calls me holy.”

In this world people search for identity. They look for identity in all the wrong places. Our identity is not in our job nor in what we have done or not done. Our identity is found in who we are in Jesus. “The worst things I’ve done don’t define me. Jesus does.”

I thoroughly enjoyed To Sweet Beginnings In Sycamore Hill. It was a perfectly charming novella and I am looking forward to subsequent books.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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