A Tailor In Auschwitz by David Van Turnhout and Dirk Verhofstadt

A Time Of Great Evil

A Tailor In Auschwitz by David van Turnhout and Dirk Verhofstadt (translated by Kristien De Wulf and Jane Camerea) is a powerful and horrifying account of the plight of the Jewish people during World War II.

The book came about after researching David van Turnhout’s paternal grandfather’s experiences during WWII. Whilst alive, his grandfather spoke very little about his war years.

As we hear the story of his grandfather, this microcosm is part of a much bigger story.

The authors have thoroughly researched the Holocaust and intersperse the author’s grandfather’s story with the wider picture.

It was a time of great evil and the book makes shocking reading but it must be read to keep alive the memory of the six million who perished and no longer have a voice.

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “A Tailor In Auschwitz by David Van Turnhout and Dirk Verhofstadt

  1. Thanks for this review and recommendation. My father lost relatives to the horrors of Aushwitz. Our family are not bitter, but we feel it’s important to remember what so many endured.

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