Scallywag My Duvet Diva by Christopher Weedon

To Honor A Friend

Scallywag My Duvet Diva by Christopher Weedon is a wonderful book written in memory of rescue dog Scally. It is beautifully written and you will need tissues!

Christopher Weedon admits he has “never known such grief before” on the loss of Scally. He wrote this book to help him traverse his days of grief.

The book is about the authors day to day adventures with Scally. The two formed such a beautiful bond. He rescued Scally but in so doing so, she rescued him after his relationship break up.

We hear of their adventures on a canal boat. We witness the love and care given to Scally to help to make her feel safe. And we see lives blossoming.

I love the fact that Scally is given a voice in the book and that we ‘hear’ her thoughts.

There are many photos of Scally which are a pure delight to see.

I thoroughly enjoyed Scallywag My Duvet Diva. It was a beautiful heartfelt book in memory of Scally. She came to life on the pages and in my heart. I feel as though I, too, have lost a beloved pet.

I found this book really resonated with me as we have had four of our five cats put to sleep with cancer in the last two years (July 2020, Nov 2020, Dec 2020 and Dec 2021). I, also grieve their passing. Our pets live on in our hearts.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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