Eight At The Lake by Lin Stepp

Chasing The Storms Away

Eight At The Lake by Lin Stepp is the most charming contemporary Christian novel that will lodge in your heart and leave you smiling.

The novel is about love and family. Eight children need rules to ensure lives run smoothly. Far from constricting us, rules are there to keep us safe. The reader is reminded that God gave us rules to live by and to keep us safe.

There is so much love within the novel – there is the love within families and the love of God and for God. We hear of a character who has been born again, strengthening and rebuilding her relationship with God.

Sometimes our earthly fathers are not so great and we fear repeating their pattern of behaviour but “our mistakes don’t have to be yours.” We are not destined to repeat the generational sins.

God is a God of second chances and fresh beginnings. We can trust His plans and His guidance for our lives.

A character is a storm-chaser. We are reminded that God meets us in the middle of our storms and guides us to safety.

All the characters were delightfully drawn, realistic and likable. The big family spread much love and care. Life was hectic but love was huge, so much to go round. I loved the inclusion of dogs and cats in a family, they turn a house into a home.

Eight At The Lake was such a wonderful, warm read. I am sorry that it has ended.

I adore Lin Stepp’s novels. Whenever I receive a new one I feel a warm glow inside as I know I am in for a wonderful read.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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