Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

To Guide The Lost To Safety

Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll is a wonderful historical children’s novel for ages ten and over. I am considerably older and I really enjoyed it.

The action is set in 1941 beginning in London. Emma Carroll has perfectly captured the Blitz with her full descriptions. I ‘walked’ through the dangerous streets peppered with bombs and fire. The bulldog spirit was very much alive.

The reader follows the action to Devon where the children are evacuated to. Here the fresh air is in direct contrast to London.

Loose lips sink ships. The reader sees the need for secrecy as things are definitely going on behind closed doors.

We witness the unkindness directed towards those who are different. It takes the example of kindness in a few to show the many that in spite of outward differences, we are all the same with our desire to love and to be loved.

There are pockets of extreme bravery as love for others motivates actions.

This was my first book by Emma Carroll but I want to read many more.


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