Out Of The Mountain’s Shadow by Rose Alexander


Out Of The Mountain’s Shadow by Rose Alexander is a fabulous dual timeline novel that makes for compulsive reading. It is set in 2019 and World War II in Albania.

The stories run side by side as a present day journalist begins to unlock a story from the hidden past.

During World War II the Jewish people of Europe fled to Albania to escape the Nazi persecution. The novel focuses on one Austrian family hidden by an Albanian one. Bonds made in war, though parted by time and distance, remained unbroken in hearts.

The reader witnesses the bravery of even the very young, as they desire to do the right thing regardless of personal safety. We see the goodness of the characters in contrast to the evil Nazis.

Life is for living. Sometimes life deals us blows. We are never too old to have a fresh start.

I absolutely loved this book. Both the scenery and the characters come to life under Rose Alexander’s masterful pen. I cannot wait for more from her.


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