Old Friends New Friends by Margaret Thornton

A Wonderful Conclusion

Old Friends New Friends by Margaret Thornton is a wonderful conclusion to the fabulous Yorkshire Saga series.

The novel is set in 1970 mainly in Leeds but also in the small Dales town (that looks like Reeth to me on the cover).

Once more we see the value in good friends who help us through all the seasons of life. There is the loyalty of friends who stand up for each other and who rescue us from our situations.

We witness the strain that a young family can put on a life, as well as seeing the joy that children bring.

As the swinging sixties becomes 1970, the youth experience a freedom not known to their parents. With this freedom comes choices, particularly around the area of morality.

Accidents happen, and when they do, as well as the emergency services, it is best to bathe them in prayer.

I have loved this Yorkshire Saga series and am sad to see it end.


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