The Diaries Of A Gifted Edwardian Boy by Bronwyn J Taylor

A Comprehensive Account

The Diaries Of A Gifted Edwardian Boy by Bronwyn J Taylor is a historical novel about a young boy with psychic abilities. This book is based on the much older book called The Boy Who Saw True which I actually read back in the 1990’s.

The novel takes place from 1906 when Clarence was just six years old to 1919. It is written in a series of diary entries and letters. It is well thought out and put together.

We witness the inner workings of Clarence’s mind as he is first educated at home and then at boarding school. He is viewed with caution by some and as a kindred spirit by others. His prophecies are not always believed. As a boy, he encounters many challenges along the way which need to be overcome.

As the dates suggest, the First World War years are covered by the book. Clarence’s experience is very unique.

I found the book as interesting read and am looking forward to the sequel.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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