Diamond Place by Robin Lee Hatcher

A Charming Tale

Diamond Place by Robin Lee Hatcher is a sweet tale about little league baseball and second chances. It is book three in the Harts Crossing series but can be read as a stand-alone.

We witness characters living out their faith. “He suspected her faith ran deep.” When we base our lives on God, there is no need for words. His love will shine through us.

There is the tenacity and determination of a ten year old girl to become a pitcher. Her goal is clear and she is focused.

Life is sometimes hard. When there are things we cannot do in our strength, we must lean on God.

We are told to “worry about nothing. Pray about everything.” This is wise advice to live by. If we build our lives on God and press into Him, we cannot fail.

Using the literary device of pathetic fallacy, a storm mirrors the turmoil a character feels.

This was another charming tale from Robin Lee Hatcher. It can be found in the collection Here In Harts Crossing or buy it individually.


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