The Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery by Julia Golding


The Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery by Julia Golding is a YA historical novel. The action follows thirteen year old Jane in the late eighteenth century.

Our heroine is well drawn. She is a delightful mixture of curious, clumsy and clever. It is in her nature to seek out the answers to mysteries. It is this curiosity that has a tendency to land her into trouble.

We witness the power that the landed gentry wield. They put their faith in wealth and power over honesty and poverty. Young Jane sees beyond the wealth, or lack of it, to the heart within.

There are injustices that need to be righted. Jane Austen calls on her powers of amateur sleuthing.

I found The Abbey Mystery totally captivating. Julia Golding had created a perfect young Jane Austen. She actually reminded me very much of Elizabeth Bennett from Pride And Prejudice. As I read the novel I glimpsed names and events that would feature in Jane Austen’s novels.

Julia Golding has very cleverly constructed a novel very much in keeping with Jane Austen’s style of writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole novel and am looking forward to more in the series.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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