The War Girls by Rosie James

Keep Calm And Drink Tea

The War Girls by Rosie James is a fabulous historical novel that will entertain from the start.

The novel opens in rural Somerset before moving to Bristol during World War II. It is factually grounded as we hear about the heavy bombing during the Blitz.

There is a much admired bulldog spirit and resolve with characters drinking tea and carrying on no matter what Hitler threw at them.

We witness the value of old and new friendships as characters open their homes and hearts to strangers. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming as people pull together. There is a wonderful community feel.

Unmarried mothers are cast out by some as a dreadful stigma prevails. Children are a gift to be cherished not an embarrassment to be shunned. Fortunately there are kind hearts who realise this.

Rosie James has drawn a delightful set of characters with some cherished close bonds. The leading lady is a blend of vulnerable but with an inner strength that will help her prevail.

The War Girls was a fabulous read for a gloomy, grey afternoon as it injects love and light into hearts.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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