The Way Of The Brave by Susan May Warren

The Rescue

The Way Of The Brave by Susan May Warren is a Christian contemporary suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat. It is the first book in the Global Search And Rescue series which promises to be fantastic.

The central theme is that of rescue. There are actual rescues which are mirrored by God who wants to rescue us from a life of disconnection from Him. The effects of our pasts may pull us away from God as we deal with our anger and hurt. God may even seem absent. “She wasn’t sure God was even listening to her anymore.” God hears and God sees. God is present whether we feel Him or not. In our anger and our pain, God longs for us to turn to Him and let Him relieve us of our burdens.

The evil one wants to distract us from God’s love. “Evil wants to shut you down. Shame you.” The enemy tells us we are no good. We are unworthy. We need to drown out his voice with the love of God.

God is love. His character is love. We must always remember this in the bad times. God will never abandon us. “God didn’t base His actions… on what she thought of herself.” Our feelings and emotions are unreliable gauges. We need to trust in the character of God.

We need a heart connection to God. There is the theme of hearts within the novel. There has been a literal heart transplant giving a second chance of life (before the book opened). Likewise God can exchange our hearts of stone for a hearts of flesh giving us a second chance of life.

The reader witnesses a character paralysed by past actions. We sense the tension that wars within – to tell the truth or keep the past hidden. “Our past doesn’t need to keep us from flying.” When we release our burdens to God we can live free.

Susan May Warren has created a marvellous cast of characters with their realistic flaws and concerns. They are easy to empathise with. Her plotline is well thought out and executed as we witness the many ways in which we can be brave.

The Way Of The Brave is a fabulous start to a riveting new series.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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