The Edge Of Belonging by Amanda Cox

Longing For Family

The Edge Of Belonging by Amanda Cox is the most serenely beautiful Christian contemporary debut novel about love and family.

The novel consumed my every waking moment. Amanda Cox drew realistically flawed characters who took up residence in my soul. “It’s okay to stumble… God isn’t looking for pretty, He’s looking for real.”

We all have a past and baggage that weighs us down. We were never meant to journey through life alone. “God puts people in our lives to have and to hold.” There will always be those whom we meet and find we have an instant soul connection. There are the people God places to intersect our lives at just the right time.

The novel shows the effects that early life and traumatic events have on the whole of our lives. Trauma will send us back to a moment in time, no matter how many years have passed.

We are never too old not to need a mother. As mothers our children will always find a safe place in our arms no matter how old we get. The novel explores the emptiness felt in several female arms and the desperate need and longing to fill those empty arms.

Children are a gift from God. “You were fearfully and wonderfully made. And God does not make junk.” No matter what the circumstances of our conception, God planned each and every one of us.

There are some wonderful characters who leak love, care and kindness from every pore. They see the hurt in others and are kindness personified. However in contrast they often view the face in the mirror as undeserving and not worthy. Their eyes need to be opened so they can see themselves as God sees does.

Depression is a terrible illness. It is hard to watch others suffer. Love, kindness, time and health professionals are needed.

There are the themes of infertility, fostering and adoption. These are viewed from various angles and ages throughout the years. All bring people challenges, to hard places and to great rewards.

I absolutely adored The Edge Of Belonging. Amanda Cox is a fabulous new author with a masterful pen – remember her name, I predict she will become a big new voice in Christian fiction.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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