Yorkshire Lass by J. Carol Nemeth

A Smashing Debut

Yorkshire Lass by J. Carol Nemeth is a Christian historical romantic suspense and a fabulous debut novel.

The reader travels to the heart of the Dales in 1918 – as this is my favourite place I just revelled in the scenery as I ‘walked’ through the novel. I loved the landscape of Aysgarth Falls.

The First World War is over but there is still the poverty and many widows and orphans to help. The Bible tells us to take care of them and we witness characters living out their faith.

The strong faith of the young is beautiful to witness. “These children prayed in faith believing God would answer their prayers.” They pray with unwavering certainty that God hears and God responds. Oh that we all had that level of faith.

A relationship with God is important. Prayers for our loved ones and neighbours to meet with Jesus is vitally important. His love is a gift freely given. We need to accept it. “If someone gives you a gift, all you have to do is reach out and take it.”

For some wealth, status and power are ruling their lives. In contrast there are pure hearts. There is nothing wrong with having money but we need to hold it loosely and let God direct our spending.

The beauty of the Dales is in sharp contrast to some evil goings on. See if you can predict the perpetrator.

I really loved Yorkshire Lass. The characters were wonderfully drawn, warm and welcoming. There was a strong godly message without being ‘preachy’. Yorkshire Lass was the perfect read for a grey, gloomy day.


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