Love On The Edge by Kerry Evelyn

Trust Him

Love On The Edge by Kerry Evelyn is a delightful contemporary Christian romantic suspense and the first book in the Crane’s Cove series.

There are two major themes in the novel. One is of hiding. We are reminded that whatever we face, God will protect and guide us in His love. We can face our tomorrows because God is already there. We can boldly say as in “Joshua 1:9… I am strong and brave because God is with me… Even in the worst of times.”

Within the novel two characters are suffering from PTSD – one is a veteran and the other a victim of a vicious attack. Together they help each other to overcome. They compare their traumas but “my experiences don’t diminish the terror of yours.” Trauma is trauma. Everyone responds differently but there can be no comparisons.

Our experiences build our character. “The good comes from bad and it shapes us.” We learn and grow through our journeys. As we learn to lean on God in the hard times, so we will grow – not only in strength but in our relationship with Him.

We all carry burdens. Sometimes the burdens we pick up were never meant for us to carry. We need to hand our burdens over to God and trust Him to carry them and us.

Often we do not need others to put us down as we verbally beat ourselves up. However “you are so much more than what you feel right now.” Our feelings are unreliable gauges of our character. We need to believe we are who God says we are.

The characters are all delightfully drawn and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. There is a close knit community where strangers soon become friends. I really enjoyed Love On The Edge. It was a charming read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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