The Chalet by Catherine Cooper

Marvellous Debut

The Chalet by Catherine Cooper is a contemporary psychological suspense and an absolutely fabulous debut novel. My interest was grabbed and held from the very first page.

The novel is set in 1998 and twenty years later in a French ski resort. There are multiple known narrators and one unknown voice. I found this very intriguing as I tried to work out whose voice it was.

We all have a past. Sometimes it is a past that we want to keep hidden. A character wields power over another as buried secrets threaten to surface. As the novel progresses, the tension heightens.

Within the novel there is a defining moment. It is a moment on which everything else is finely balanced. The reader tries to predict what did happen and the outcome.

Catherine Cooper has drawn a marvellous set of characters. Some elicit feelings of dislike, others you want to surround with love. We witness their interactions. There were some truly jaw dropping moments as the reader hangs on to Catherine Coopers every word.

I was completely captivated by the action. I could not sleep until the last page was read. The book does wrap up at the end but then Catherine Cooper throws in a titbit that makes me hope for a second book.

Remember the name – Catherine Cooper – I predict she will be the next big new name in fiction as she knows how to weave a perfect tale. Grab yourself a copy of The Chalet today.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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