All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories Of Survival And Loss by Rebecca Whitehead Munn

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All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories Of Survival And Loss by Rebecca Whitehead Munn is a collection of twenty stories of people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Each story is unique. We must never compare our walk with someone else’s journey.

The stories are written in a very personable way. They will each ‘speak’ to your heart. Each chapter contains treatment experience and what was helpful along the way. There are also suggestions as to what helped to ‘support myself’ and the support from others that helped. The stories are all linked with a cancer diagnosis that interrupted busy lives, forcing people to slow down and to evaluate what is really important.

Many drew closer to God. “Her faith became her anchor for her.” God is a sure and certain anchor through all the seasons of life. Another story cited “I had to rely completely on the Lord.” Sometimes when life threatens to derail all that we know, all we can do is to run to God. We must trust in His goodness even when life is hard.

There is power in prayer. “I am confident that the power of prayer is why I am still living today.” However I am sure we have all prayed over people believing they will be healed and they have died. We will never know this side of heaven why God heals some but not others.

A quote that completely undid me was by a five year old girl who supported her Mum by holding a pink bucket for her to be sick in after chemo, and her daughter said “I was born to help you fight cancer.” Wow, the strength of the young.

The book shows the importance of not letting a diagnosis of cancer define us. It also states that there are two types of reactions to a diagnosis of cancer – one of victim and one of conqueror. We will never know which one we will be until we have faced a diagnosis.

And finally there is the reaction of others – some will offer 24/7 support, others will cross the road because they do not know what to say.

All Of Us Warriors was a really powerful and inspiring read of brave individuals who shared their unique stories of their journeys through cancer. You will definitely need tissues.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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