The Cosy Teashop In The Castle by Caroline Roberts

Nana’s Legacy

The Cosy Teashop In The Castle by Caroline Roberts is a charming contemporary romance that will leave you feeling good about life.

I adore Caroline Roberts books – they have a cosy wrap-around hug in a book feel to them. They always leave the reader feeling loved.

The characters are realistic and well drawn. There is a wonderful banter and a caring air, a place where strangers become friends. The characters and the reader bond over food. I could almost ‘smell’ the goodies. Interestingly, I too, have a copy of the Be-ro Cookbook that is tattered and torn from 1986, just like the main character.

There is a wonderful bond of love between a character and her grandmother. Even the grave cannot diminish their love. There are some very touching scenes.

An old castle is at the heart of the novel. It seems romantic but it is also cold, draughty and rumoured to have ghosts!

A community spirit runs throughout as characters spread love and cups of tea.

Dreams are important. We all need to have a chance to pursue them.

Families are priceless. Family members may be annoying at times but their love is unconditional. I really resonated with the Mum who shows her love through food, trying to feed people up!

It is only when we think something may be gone that we realise the true value.

I really adored The Cosy Teashop In The Castle. It is a wonderful, warm feel-good read that I read in just one sitting.

A word of caution: there are a few bedroom scenes with more detail in than I am comfortable with, so I just skipped over those pages. It did not spoil my overall enjoyment of the book.


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