Stories And Songs Of Faith by Alexis Goring

Gems Of Wisdom

Stories And Songs Of Faith: My Journey With God A 52-Week Devotional by Alexis Goring is a powerful devotional that will aid your walk with God.

Alexis Goring writes in a very personable way as she shares stories and songs that will help to draw us closer to God. This book is full of common sense and godly wisdom. Each chapter has scriptures to back up Alexis Goring’s words. It also has two questions at the close of each chapter, designed to help us look internally as we assess our walk with God.

God is with us 24/7. We do not have a distant God but “we have a God who hears.” We are called to “be the message of hope.” We have a hurting world that needs to know Jesus. We need to show Jesus to our friends, family and neighbours.

Alexis Goring tells us we are “a masterpiece in the making.” We are made in His image. As such He knows all our names. Do you know His name? We are all responsible for our individual walk with God. We cannot rely on our parent’s faith, we must know Jesus personally.

Life is more than we can see. We are in a spiritual battle. The enemy longs to keep us from knowing God. He is very cunning. “It’s not the devil’s plan to convert us but to simply divert us” (Pastor Peter Bath). We must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus at all times.

God has won. We see this in Revelation. He has defeated everything we will ever face. He has even defeated the last enemy – death. “In the end, God wins.”

I just could not get enough of this powerful devotion. Alexis Goring has produced 52 gems of wisdom – bitesize nuggets of truth for every week of the year.

This book is just too good to keep to myself. I shall be buying copies for my friends. It is a perfect book to either work through alone or in connect groups. It is packed full of godly advice and wisdom. This is a real gem of a book. Grab your copy today.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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