Toto The Wizard Of Oz as told by the dog by Michael Morpurgo

Home Is Best

Toto The Wizard Of Oz as told by the dog by Michael Morpurgo is a delightful children’s tale about the familiar Wizard Of Oz but as seen by Toto. It is refreshingly unique.

I adore the film with Judy Garland and was very keen to read this novel. The book certainly did not disappoint and was totally charming.

We see that kindness and care will transform the world as we help others, and they in turn help us. Words can build up or tear down. We need to speak life over those we meet along life’s journey.

Dorothy finds herself far from home. She learns a valuable lesson that home is best. No matter how kind our friends are, we cannot beat that feeling that home gives.

The novel is illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark. Her illustrations bring the tale to life. They are also perfect starting points for discussion with our children.

Toto is a perfect novel to read to young children or for early readers to access themselves. The illustrations will fire up the imagination.

No matter how old or young you are, if you are a fan of the Wizard Of Oz, you will love this book.


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