Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden

An Absolute Classic

Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden is a children’s historical classic and just perfect for ages eight and above.

As a child I read Carrie’s War and watched the BBC series of it. I loved it then and I love it now. I had a desire to become reacquainted with the characters so purchased a copy.

The story is set in the Welsh hills as eleven year old Carrie and her younger brother are evacuated from London. The novel is written in the third person from the point of view of Carrie. The reader hears about her fears and insecurities, her desire to please and her love for others.

As the story opens, Carrie is an adult but still carrying  guilt from thirty years ago. The reader is intrigued as the guilt weighs so heavy, it is dragging her down.

The atmosphere of evacuation through a child’s eyes is perfectly captured. The scenery is comprehensively described, enabling the reader to ‘walk’ through the novel.

There is an eclectic mix of characters from the very stern Mr Evans to Hepzibah with her natural remedies. All are well drawn and welcoming.

Reading Carrie’s War as an adult is a pure delight. It takes me back to my childhood memories, and then further back to a simpler but more fearful time of uncertainty due to war.

If you have never read Carrie’s War, this time of lockdown is the perfect time to grab a copy. If you read Carrie’s War as a child, why not read again and ignite some memories?


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