Always You by Jennifer Rodewald

His Plans

Always You by Jennifer Rodewald is  a delightful contemporary novel and part of the Potter’s House series.

Jennifer Rodewald has presented a wonderful, warm and welcoming collection of characters who envelope the reader with love. Her lead characters have a rapport with each other as they bounce their dialogue backwards and forwards. They make the reader smile.

God’s plans are always best for our lives. We do not always realise this. “He [God] means good for you, even when He tells you no.” Sometimes in our prayers we tell God what we want instead of listening to His plans for our lives. Prayer is important. It should be as natural as breathing. “Prayer came easily.” Prayer should be a two-way dialogue not a monologue from us.

Knowing God’s Word is also important. Whatever season we are in, there will always be an appropriate word from God. Sometimes in life there are just no words and then we need to lean on God and press into Him. “When there were no words, there was presence.”

The novel is about choices. “The choices we make today will play out in all our tomorrows.” We must choose wisely. When looking for a life partner, we must be equally yoked. We want a partner who loves God as much as we do.

The setting is snow-capped America before Thanksgiving. The reader revels in the clean, fresh air that mirrors one of the characters who quite literally is a breath of fresh air.

I adored Always You and read it in just one sitting. I ‘walked’ my way through the novel and enjoyed my time spent with the characters.

I will leave you with my favourite quote:

“[His] faith wore boots and walked daily.”

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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