The Sisters Of Auschwitz by Roxane Van Iperen

Lights In A Time Of Darkness

The Sisters Of Auschwitz by Roxane Van Iperen is the true story of Jewish Dutch sisters Janny and Lien Brilleslijper who resisted the Nazis in occupied Netherlands.

Whilst everyone has heard of the Frank sisters, few have heard of the Brilleslijper sisters. Yet they met each other in Westerbork, Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. The Brilleslijper sisters were older than the Franks, both married with young children during World War II. They were incredibly brave with a huge heart for others. “If someone is in need, we have no other option but to help him.” This book is their story.

Roxane Van Iperen has produced a heart breaking account of the sisters’ lives before the war and through their resistance to Auschwitz. Their story is inspiring. Their bravery immense. Their lives should be honoured.

The author has thoroughly researched their lives as the story is comprehensive and the sources listed at the end is long. I was interested to read a short synopsis of all the characters at the end – including their birth and death dates.

In a dark period in history there was light in the form of the lives of the sisters. Thank you Roxane Van Iperen for telling their story to the world. May we never forget the suffering of the innocents.


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