The Night I Met Father Christmas by Ben Miller

To Be Enjoyed By All

The Night I Met Father Christmas by Ben Miller is an absolutely charming children’s Christmas tale. It deserves to be read every year as part of a new festive tradition that keeps the magic alive.

This is a beautiful book that has its roots in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens but with a selfish elf as the lead character. It is a tale that will be enjoyed whether you are nine or ninety! The framework is familiar but with Ben Miller’s unique take on a familiar tale.

There are lessons for us all to learn about being generous with our time and our talents. Life may give us hard knocks but we must not harden our hearts.

I absolutely loved this book. The tale is magical and there are some stunningly beautiful black and white illustrations to accompany it.

Whatever your age, this is a perfect tale to be read in the run up to Christmas. We all enjoy a little festive spirit in our hearts. Unlock your inner child with this beautiful offering from Ben Miller.


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