A Wedding In December by Sarah Morgan

Fighting For Love

A Wedding In December by Sarah Morgan is a most delightful contemporary novel about love and family.

Families are complicated affairs with interactions that are constantly changing. The novel focuses on a family that is coming apart at the seams as everyone tries to cope alone, keeping secrets from others. A change of scenery brings more than just a new location.

The novel explores identity. Too often our identity is tied up in what we do instead of who we are. “Did her mother even have dreams?” has to be one of the saddest utterances… a character is more than just a mother. She has hopes and dreams too. We are never too old to dream.

Where our heart is, there lies our fortune. “Not all people were motivated by money and status. Some were motivated by love.” The richest people are those who love and are loved.

Snow covered Aspen is the setting for the novel. It comes alive with Sarah Morgan’s comprehensive descriptions. The reader catches the festive atmosphere.

Sibling love is a strong bond. The love and care for her sister had motivated a career choice.

Walling up a heart to prevent hurt never works. “Every time you love someone you risk getting your heart beaten to a pulp.”… but isn’t it better to risk love than to live in isolation?

Sarah Morgan has created a delightful set of characters. We experience life through the alternating eyes of a mother and her daughters. All are wonderfully drawn and easy to empathise with.

A Wedding In December is a perfectly charming novel with realistic characters battling realistic problems. The backdrop of snow and log cabins gives a wonderful ambiance. It is a perfect read to get you in the festive mood.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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