A Missing Heart by Shari J Ryan


A Missing Heart by Shari J Ryan is a heart wrenching contemporary novel about love and loss and family. It is the second book in The Heart Series but can be read as a stand-alone. The action follows on from the first book, A Heart of Time.

The novel alternates between present day and thirteen years earlier as the reader learns how hearts were torn apart. Sometimes in life we have no control over events as we are swept along and spat upon the rocks.

We all have a past. Our past cannot be changed. When we fail to reveal significant events in our past, they may come back to haunt us. Our past has helped to make us who we are.

There is the theme of PTSD. It does not just affect soldiers. It can strike after any traumatic event. It is important to receive support, love and seek professional help.

Children are precious. The reader witnesses the great love, care and nurture of children. We also see what happens if this bond is ripped apart creating a missing piece of our heart.

Family is important. Family helps in time of trouble. Family celebrates in times of success. No matter how old you get, you are never too old to have your parents tease you!

Guilt and regret pepper lives. We will always have things we feel guilty for. We must deal with our guilt as it will ruin today if we do not deal with our yesterday.

I am loving The Heart Series. It is on to book three for me now.

A word of caution: there is language some readers may not like.


One thought on “A Missing Heart by Shari J Ryan

  1. This book sounds like a very good read. I love the cover it is Beautiful! Oh yes, we all are humans and we all make mistakes, nobody is perfect and nobody will ever be, except for God . As long as we learn from our mistakes and not make them again , we will be o.k. I would love to read this book so I will be adding it to my TBR list. Have a Great week God Bless you.

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