A Change Of Heart by Shari J Ryan


A Change Of Heart by Shari J Ryan is a beautifully written contemporary novel about truth, love, friendship and second chances. It is the third book in The Heart Series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This book follows the same action as in book one A Heart Of Time but now it is from the point of view of Ari. This book will break your heart as the great love, friendship and courage reach beyond the pages of the novel.

Once again the focus of the story is organ donation but here we see the action through the eyes of the recipient.

The characters are wonderfully drawn and really lodged in my heart. There are some huge hearts who go through life selflessly giving. They even give with their last breath.

A Change Of Heart is simply beautiful. I have loved every book in this series but this third book is my absolute favourite – maybe because I had already invested time and love into getting to know the characters.

Shari J Ryan is a marvellous author who writes with sensitivity works of great beauty.


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  1. This sounds like a very good read, and I love the cover! Thank you for sharing what this book is about, I would love to read it. Have a Great week. God Bless you.

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