Last Words by Shari J Ryan

Simply Beautiful And Heartbreaking

Last Words by Shari J Ryan is the most beautifully told historical and contemporary story of forbidden love in times of war. The novel is set in Theresienstadt in 1942 and modern day America. This book made me cry and it filled my heart with love.

We do not choose who we fall in love with. For some, just a glance makes a lasting connection. Others may spend a lifetime looking. True love lasts and never dies.

The action alternates between the two time periods after the discovery of a diary from 1942. “Most of the memories were too painful to face, and I had to lock them away in that diary.” The horrors of World War II loomed large. It was a time of unspeakable evil acts committed against the Jewish people. Loved ones were torn apart. You  needed a strong will and a lot of luck to survive.

Not all Nazis were bad men but very few stood up in the face of evil. The Jewish people were hated, not for anything they had done but “He hated us because someone told him to feel that way.” Few questioned the evil that was happening.

Last Words is a story of tremendous courage. It is a story of great love and secrets that must be kept. A mother’s love is a powerful force. A mother’s love is fiercely protective. A mother’s love does what it must to keep her children safe. True love never dies.

Shari J Ryan has created some wonderful characters that sprang to life for me. This was a tale of fiction  but my new friends will live on in my heart.

Last Words was beautifully written. It was a sensitive and poignant tale and my first by Shari J Ryan but I intend to read many more. We must keep alive the memory of the six million innocents who perished.

Last Words was about love. I will leave you with my favourite quote:

“Love is keeping someone safe, taking a bullet for them, and letting them live in happiness.”


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