Will You Love Me? by Barby Keel

The Price Of Love

Will You Love Me? by Barby Keel is the true story of Bailey, a greyhound in need of a forever home.

Barby Keel dedicates her life to animals in need. She has a sanctuary in Sussex. She works tirelessly on their behalf. Bailey was the worst case of animal cruelty and neglect that Barby Keen had ever seen. The descriptions of Bailey will make you cry. Man’s inhumanity to animals beggars belief.

Bailey is a fighter. Barby Keen is a fighter. It was Bailey’s fighting spirit that kept him going. It was Barby Keen’s fighting spirit that both fought for Bailey and battled her own cancer. Seeing all that Bailey went through strengthened Barby Keen to keep going. “I saw his bravery, his ability to trust me even though he had received little kindness in his life.” As they nursed each other back to health, Barby Keen knew she must one day say goodbye. Grief is a part of loving. Barby Keen’s goal was to find Bailey his forever home with people who would love him as he deserved.

Will You Love Me? was a charming book. I really enjoyed it even though my heart broke for Bailey at the start as we ‘hear’ his words. “I hoped and prayed that this time he would be kind.” Kindness – it really isn’t too much to ask for.

Thank you Barby Keen for sharing Bailey’s story and thank you for loving him back to health.

I will leave you with the freedom motto of the Barby Keen Animal Sanctuary

“The FREEDOM we wish for all animals:

FREEDOM from hunger

FREEDOM from thirst

FREEDOM from neglect

FREEDOM from fear.”

It really isn’t too much to ask for is it?


Link to Barby Keel’s Animal Sanctuary http://barbykeel.btck.co.uk/

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