Call You Home by Jan Thompson

Listen To His Heart

Call You Home by Jan Thompson is a most delightful Christian contemporary novel that will leave you feeling good. The novel reveals the heart of God as characters learn from the lessons of the past and   put their trust in Him. “Look at the past with fond memories but you have to live in the here and now.”

We all have dreams but as a child of God we need to put our dreams into His hands and follow His direction. We need to be prepared to say not my will be done but Yours and hand the driving seat of our lives over to Him.

Being a Christian does not mean we will not experience difficult times. In our hard times we can have peace because we know God. “In the middle of her chaos, God sent calm.”

God answers prayers in surprising ways. “Would God use a bitter man to answer prayers?” The answer is yes, God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways we could not imagine. When life throws up problems, the best question we can ask is; “How do I pray about this?”

There are themes of hurt and forgiveness. “God forgave me. Why is it so hard to forgive others?” Sometimes we nurture our hurts and become bitter. This is not the life God intends for us. He wants us to live in freedom. To forgive or to receive forgiveness gives us the keys to unlock our prisons of bitterness.

Within the novel the main character is deaf. We learn of characters learning American Sign Language so they can converse. Without it life is more challenging.

There is the theme of parenthood. Sometimes we are adopted into a family. This reminds the reader that when we become a Christian we are adopted into God’s family.

The reader sees the importance of community. Where there are needs they are met. Local traditions and landmarks are worth preserving as they are part of the community’s shared history.

Jan Thompson has a charming set of characters. They warm the reader’s heart. There are some touching scenes as well as some highly amusing scenes especially with Chef Mom.

I absolutely adored Call You Home. It was perfectly charming and has left me smiling and feeling good.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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