One Summer In Paris by Sarah Morgan

Writing Your Own Story

One Summer In Paris by Sarah Morgan is a wonderful contemporary offering about love and life, friendship and discovering yourself.

It is a book about being ‘real’ and not hiding who you really are. “Being yourself is the one thing every person should excel at.” Too often we present one face to the world, sometimes burying who we are in the process. The novel shows that in opening up and being vulnerable we may just rediscover ourselves. “I love me. For the first time in months.”

We all need a good friend. A good friend who will always be there for us. A good friend who sees beyond our stock, ‘I’m fine’ response. One Summer In Paris celebrates friendship.

There is the difficult theme of alcoholism and its effect on those around us. “If they loved you enough they’d stop.” Alcoholism is an illness. People do not have strength to just stop but it does not mean we are not loved. We are not destined to turn into our parents. One slip up will not make you an alcoholic.

The novel is about choices. Our choices always have consequences.

People say that Paris is the city of love. Within the novel there is a beautiful friendship of two women who have known rejection. They are real. They love and support each other. Love is not necessarily what we say but is seen in our actions. “Love isn’t what you say aloud… It’s what you do.”

Sarah Morgan has created a wonderful set of unique characters whose interactions are a delight to witness. I adored the witty camaraderie between Audrey and Grace. They built each other up and used their skill sets to impart knowledge, developing a firm friendship along the way.

One Summer In Paris is about forgiveness, trust and starting over. We must forgive or we will become bitter. Trust can be rebuilt. We are never too old to start again.

The novel shows the need for correct priorities. If our foundations are secure, wobbles will not topple us.

I adored One Summer In Paris. I always adore Sarah Morgan’s books. They are fabulous stories with realistic characters who leave me smiling.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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