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The Comings And Goings Of Reverend Bertram Moorehouse by John Umfreville

Full Circle

The Comings And Goings Of Reverend Bertram Moorehouse by John Umfreville is a historical book about a family in a small town in the late nineteenth century.

The style is reminiscent of other books I have read about the English countryside written in the 1930’s. The book has an olde worlde charm to it and as you read, you are never quite sure if this is fact or fiction. There was something very soothing about the narrative as the reader ‘experienced’ life in a small town in Victorian Britain.

The temperance movement was large at the time. Any alcohol imbibed was seen as scandalous, especially if it was by a man of the cloth, whether it was intentional or not.

The small town was a hotbed for gossip. Appearances were important. Tragedy strikes rather than have scandal erupt.

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As My Mind Unwinds by Jennifer Ervig

Invest In This Book

 As My Mind Unwinds by Jennifer Ervig is a 31 day devotional that can help you on your journey with God.

Each day has a new topic with introductory thoughts, scriptures, Jennifer Ervig’s take on the topic and questions designed for internal examination.

Jennifer Ervig writes in a very personable way. This devotional is accessible for all. The reader can certainly identify with some of her thoughts. She is honest, open and down to earth. Various topics are covered from the Holy Spirit to spiritual battles “A Christian soldier must always be ready”, to Bin Laden, the Japanese quake of 2011 to Joshua, tithing and God desiring a relationship with us. “He sees me, hears me, and knows me. All He asks is the same in return.” The whole book speaks a great deal of sense. It will aid your Christian walk.

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War Torn Heart by Allison Wells

Life On The Homefront

War Torn Heart by Allison Wells is a wonderful YA historical Christian novel that takes the reader through the homefront in America during WWII.

The heroine is just sixteen years old but already a strong young woman who wants more than just a traditional role. “You’re a strong, godly woman who should always look up.” We need to focus on God when circumstances threaten to overwhelm us.

Dreams and future plans are disrupted by WWII. Life is on hold. Young men are entrusted into the hands of God as they go off to war. War tears families apart. “Why do You allow this?… Can’t You hear all of us praying?” God does not ‘allow’ war. God gave free will to man. It was the choice of some men to go to war. Good men stood up to fight evil.

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Women Of God Arise! by Teresa Smyser

Walking With God

Women Of God Arise! By Teresa Smyser is a powerful book that discusses what it means to be a woman of God.

Using personal anecdotes and portions of scripture the reader learns how to be an effective woman of God.

Life is a spiritual battle. We need to be prepared by putting on the full armour of God. We need to both stand and meditate on God’s Word. We were created to be in a relationship with God. Do not let Satan distract you. Deflect his arrows with the Word of God.

Surround yourself with godly friends. Women who love you enough to tell you the truth about the state of your walk with God.

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