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War Torn Heart by Allison Wells

Life On The Homefront

War Torn Heart by Allison Wells is a wonderful YA historical Christian novel that takes the reader through the homefront in America during WWII.

The heroine is just sixteen years old but already a strong young woman who wants more than just a traditional role. “You’re a strong, godly woman who should always look up.” We need to focus on God when circumstances threaten to overwhelm us.

Dreams and future plans are disrupted by WWII. Life is on hold. Young men are entrusted into the hands of God as they go off to war. War tears families apart. “Why do You allow this?… Can’t You hear all of us praying?” God does not ‘allow’ war. God gave free will to man. It was the choice of some men to go to war. Good men stood up to fight evil.

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