Never Give Up Hope: Waging War With Cancer by Craig Davis

Fear Doesn’t Stand A Chance When I Stand In Your Love

Never Give Up Hope: Waging War With Cancer by Craig Davis – wow what a powerful testimony of a family battling cancer. Craig Davis shows tremendous faith and courage as he puts his life into the hands of God. Craig Davis’ battle built trust and faith in God. As you read this book, may your trust and faith in God grow.

Miracles still happen. “Miracles… force us into a decision.” We either choose to believe or we don’t but either way, our choice does not negate the miracle.

Craig Davis realises with hindsight, that even when he was not walking with God, God was still preparing the groundwork for later in his life. “God was at work and we did not even realise it.” God will relentlessly pursue us until we make a decision for Him. “I was running from the life Jesus wanted me to live. But God kept after me.” God never gives up on us.

The God of the Bible spoke through dreams and He still does so today. Our dreams may foretell future events.

When we are going through trials, we need our church family more than ever. When we have no words to pray, others will stand in the gap and lift us up. “Other believers… will have faith during those moments when we have doubts.”

We do not journey alone. “Jesus was with us every step of the journey.” The journey through cancer is tough but Craig Davis shows that knowing Jesus means we can receive His peace even when the road is rocky. We can trust that “God always knows… what He’s doing.”

Never Give Up Hope is such a powerful read. Craig Davis and his family are brave, showing tremendous hope and faith. “Hope… builds faith through trust.” Be inspired as you read and may your heart be ignited to want to know God more.

Thank you Craig Davis for your honesty, your faith and your courage in sharing your powerful testimony.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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