Home Another Way by Brenda Anderson

Re-shaped By The Master Potter

Home Another Way by Brenda Anderson is a delightful contemporary Christian romance. It is the eighteenth book in the Potter’s House series but can be read as a stand-alone.

God is at the very core of the novel. We are all called to be His eyes and ears, His hands and feet to a hurting world. “We were God’s hands and feet.” The story surrounds the plight of the homeless. We are to be “Jesus to broken people.” People become homeless for all sorts of reasons, they need to be shown hope and love, not judgment. They need to know that they matter. “She was seeing them, every person, and making each feel important.”

Sometimes it seems as if the homeless are invisible as people walk on by. Every homeless person is dearly loved by God. “We need to see them not as homeless people, but as children of God.”

There is the theme of serving. We need to examine our motives for serving – to do good? Or to look good? “People preferred not to advertise their good deeds.” The reader is reminded that Jesus told us to do our good deeds in secret, so only God saw them.

Life can be hard. Sometimes the blows we are dealt cause us to move away from God. “When God takes away your dad, He earns the silent treatment.” God does not ‘take away’ people but in our pain, we lash out at Him. He awaits our return. “God was with him even in his brokenness.”

There are topics of alcohol and drug abuse. Both can take over lives and create downward spirals. We need to help those caught up in addiction.

I loved the idea in the novel of “praying it forward.” Prayer is powerful and the best thing we can ever do for people.

Once again Brenda Anderson has created a story that consumes the reader. There are godly lessons to be learnt as we examine our lives.

I adore all Brenda Anderson’s novels. She creates warm and welcoming characters who have realistic flaws and are just waiting to be re-shaped in the hands of the Master potter. Just perfect.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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