Castle On The Rise by Kristy Cambron

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Castle On The Rise by Kristy Cambron is the most marvellous Christian tale of patriotism, rebellion and bravery. “Men who seek freedom must be prepared to die for it.” It is the second book in the Lost Castle series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The action is set in Ireland over three distinct periods – present day, 1916 and 1798. The chapters alternate as the reader gets a glimpse into the troubled Irish history. There is a link down the ages for the reader to follow. Traditions, history and the troubles all combine in one first class novel.

There have always been tensions between the English and Irish down the years. Ireland has been a melting pot and when it boils over, a blood shed revolution occurs. Families are torn apart as they have to choose between English roots or Irish loyalties.

Friendship is important. “Friends – they’re the family we get to choose.” Good friends support each other through thick and thin. We get to write our stories in partnership with God. “Something God was crafting behind the scenes” but our stories are ours to tell.

There is the theme of sacrificial love. Within the stories are some incredibly brave women. “Bravery could be as simple as a yes when she was at her most afraid.” These women are very much forward thinking and modern women of their time.

History needs to be documented and preserved. First it was on canvas and then there was the advent of the camera to capture moments in time.

The characters were all wonderfully drawn. They took up residence in my heart.

Kristy Cambron has mastered the art of telling a tale that captures and holds the reader’s imagination from the start. She takes historical events, weaves them into a tale and brings them to life. I love all her books and can highly recommend any and all of them.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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