Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon

True Friends

Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon is a contemporary tale surrounding the theme of relationships that will certainly have you glued and guessing.

The book is about friendships. It seems like a pleasant chick lit novel at first but then the psychological element kicks in and it is definitely the bunny boiler delivered with a smile. The action soon becomes menacing and the reader, like the main character, wonders which way to turn.

Friendships should be the place where we go to feel safe and loved. What do you do when the rug is pulled out from under you?

Truth and lies run throughout the story. Can you separate them?

There is the theme of manipulation, so expertly done, will you spot it?

Friends emerge in the most unlikely of places. The heroes and heroines are not always instantly recognisable.

Tell Me A Secret is a cleverly constructed novel that draws you in from the start and grips your emotions. There were times when I wanted to leap inside the book and scream at a character whilst standing up for another one. This book really tugged at the nurturing, protective side of me that wanted to see justice done. Brilliant. Thank you Jane Fallon for a fabulous tale. I want much more by you.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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