Grace: Uncovered, Unfiltered, Undeserved by Rod Parsley

Waiting, Watching, Longing

Grace: Uncovered, Unfiltered, Undeserved by Rod Parsley is a powerful yet easily accessible book that examines our relationship with God by studying the precepts of law and grace. There is much sound teaching, delving into the Bible and extrapolating familiar passages. There are also quotes from famous people as well as examining lives such as Martin Luther in detail.

The book opens with a modern retelling of The Prodigal Son. We see that both sons were separated from the father’s will. “The older son was also separated from his father by demanding that everyone else meet standards that his father never required.” How often do we misinterpret God’s standards when projecting them on others?

Poor choices led to a downfall. “This was not life but a slowly progressing death.” How often have we travelled down the road of poor choices? It is never too late to repent and do a u-turn.

The good news for us is that God the Father is waiting, watching and longing for each one of us to return to Him.

Rod Parsley discusses legalism in detail. It is rules created by men and has fear at its core. God’s rules are designed to keep us safe and bring us freedom. It is not “if it feels good, it’s God’s will.” No. Always check if what we want lines up with God’s Word.

The good news of the Gospel is grace gives us what we don’t deserve. It’s “not that I can do it if I try hard enough, but that Jesus already did it.” Rod Parsley looks in depth at the cross in light of grace.

Rod Parsley also discusses the old and new covenant. We see things in the OT that are fulfilled by Jesus in the NT.

Dwight Moody cornered the phrase the 3R’s. “Ruin by sin, redemption by Christ and regeneration by the Holy Spirit.” These are looked at within the book.

We see the heart of God. God does not want a moment of our lives, He wants all of our lives. He desires a relationship with us. Will you live a life of love and answer His call?

Finally Rod Parsley looks at Christianity today. There are issues that Christians debate that should be non starters because of what God has already said in His Word.

This powerful book ends with quotes on law and grace.

This is a book that we would all be wise to invest in. It is perfect to read through alone and then to break down into small chunks to be discussed and digested in small groups. It clarifies the law and grace for the lay person in case we were in any doubt.

Invest in Grace: Uncovered, Unfiltered, Undeserved today.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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