Eternity Between Us by Stephenia H McGee

The Search

Eternity Between Us by Stephenia H McGee is a fabulous Christian novel set in 1861 during the American Civil War. The action is a mixture of fact and fiction and keeps the reader entertained. I read the book in just one sitting as I could not put it down.

War is fought under many guises – the abolition of slavery, taxes, political gain- but the sad truth is, everyone loses. How can a country become so divided as to fight its own? Families were torn apart as sides were chosen. Hospitals were set up to tend the wounded from each particular side. “Shed the colour of their coat and they were the same underneath.” Some medical personnel chose to heal from just one side. Others chose to heal all men.

There is a search for a father which reminds the reader that we need to search for Our Father – and He will always be found. This links to a search for love and to belong. We all want a home where we are loved. Our home will always be found in His Arms.

Within the novel there are spies and those who work undercover. There are no lengths to which some will not stoop. War brings out the very best and the very worst in people.

There is the theme of taking care of the widows and orphans. Two darling children just moved into my heart.

With the men away fighting, the women step up. They were seen as weaker but some certainly proved to have moral backbones. Some were lacking in moral fibre and content to use others for their gain.

I adored Eternity Between Us with its likable characters and fabulous storyline. I loved the hospital setting where soldiers of all sides could be treated. Vivid descriptions bought the landscapes to life. More please Stephenia H McGee.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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