Taking God To Work by Steve Reynolds and David L Winters

What Will You Do To Take God To Work With You?

Taking God To Work by Steve Reynolds and David L Winters is a powerful book full of godly advice, scripture, practical examples and life lessons for us all to learn as we negotiate the world of work.

Work is nothing new, it’s been around since Adam and Eve. The idea of taking God to work will help us in our daily challenges. If we fix our eyes on Him and apply His Biblical principles, we can achieve a work/life balance that will glorify Him.

The authors identify challenges and pitfalls in our work lives. They offer solutions to problems, backed up with scripture. At the end of each section there are personal testimonies, questions and prayers. These are designed for internal examination, in the aim of becoming the best worker we can be and for us to get the best out of our jobs.

We must always trust God, pray and listen to the Holy Spirit. We need to be kind, offering goodness and forgiveness. Life is a spiritual battle but we can always call on the infinite God of the universe to help us.

There are no retirement plans in God’s kingdom. If you are still breathing, God has a plan for you beyond the workplace.

Taking God To Work is a very powerful self help book, pointing us to God, that will aid us in the workplace.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




One thought on “Taking God To Work by Steve Reynolds and David L Winters

  1. Julia this looks like a wonderful book. Currently struggling with creating a work life balance. Since the summer began I have been struggling to stay a float. I think this just might be the self-help book that I need to put things into perspective. Thanks for sharing a wonderful review.

    Shanique / Rock Solid Faith

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