Two Weeks In Winter by Mike Maranhas

Hang On, God’s Got This

Two Weeks In Winter by Mike Maranhas is the true story of his walk with God as his wife Bela lay fighting for her life. Mike Maranhas relied on God. There was nowhere else for him to go but to the cross. Mike Maranhas has a Christ centred life. He clung on to God, trusting that God had got it. “I had nothing on which to rely but God and my puny, underdeveloped faith.”

This is a powerful testimony to the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness of Mike Maranhas to God. Mike Maranhas placed his faith in God, knowing that whatever happened, the God of the universe was in control.

There is power in prayer. “I found tranquillity in praying. I trusted God.” At all stages and at all times, prayer is powerful.

Christians can have hope because of Jesus. “With God, there is always hope… nothing is impossible.” When all seems bleak, we can look to God and find our strength in Him.”

With hindsight, we see God’s handprint everywhere on our lives. Although at the time, life may seem out of our control, it is never out of the control of God.

There is a lot of medical terminology which is explained by Mike Maranhas. Some of it I absorbed, at other times it went over my head.

It seems that at times, life just keeps on dealing the blows. Whatever we face, God walks beside us.

Two Weeks In Winter is a powerful testimony of faithfulness. Give it a read and be inspired to fully trust God in your walk with Him.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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